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Vision-Mission Statement


Divine Word College of San Jose, an Academic Christian Community working together towards the total development of its members and witnessing to the Word, under the patronage of Saint Arnold Janssen, and the inspiration and guidance of the Holy Spirit.


Divine Word College of San Jose commits itself to provide the students a Christian liberal education with technical and professional competence in line with local, regional, national and global development goals. It also binds itself to develop and enhance the intellectual, spiritual, moral and physical capabilities of the members of the academic community through its religious, educational and administrative services towards professionalism and competence.


To attain its vission and mission, DWCSJ has the following goals:

  1. To build a community guided by a Christian value system that provides responsible and competent leaders for the nation.
  2. To foster social awareness and responsiveness towards the social, economic and educational upliftment of the indigenous people, the marginalized and underpriviliged.
  3. To provide a general education that will develop the whole human person to become technically and professionally competent.
  4. To advance skills and knowledge applying the latest trends in information technology that will make the individual an active, productive and competitive participant of the global community.
  5. To provide training in scientific principles, methods and attitudes to advance knowledge through research in order to contribute to improvement of the qualify of life.
  6. To provide the manpower needs of the nation that will contribute towards economic progress.
  7. To promote a deep sense of national identity, appreciation and preservation of our cultural heritage.
  8. To actively participate in the protection, preservaton, and conservation of a sustainable environment and to work towards time reduction and solution of ecological problems.
  9. To foster harmonious relationship in the community through mutual respect of human dignity and belief, and protection of individual human rights.