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DWCSJ News - Tue, October 10, 2017

SHS Intramurals img

Direwolves proved that not only were they kings in the North, but of all Westeros as they dominated this year's Senior High School Intramural Games held last October 9-13, 2017 at the Divine Word College of San Jose.

The Starks garnered the top position with a total score of 460 points, followed by Houses Baratheon and Targaryen with 430 points apiece and trailed by House Lannister with 405 points to its name.

Jonathan Borromeo of House Lannister and Alyssa Reyes of House Baratheon were crowned as Mr. and Ms. Intramurals 2017 which took place on the opening program held on October 9 at the Fr. McSherry Gymnasium.

For the Basketball, the Dragons prevailed as House Targaryen defeated the Lions of Lannister to secure the top spot. They were followed by Stark and Baratheon, respectively.

In the Volleyball event, the Direwolves annihilated their opponents, securing the gold medal in both boys and girls category.

The same story can be said for the Softball event as the Starks stormed into first place for both boys and girls category.

Meanwhile, the Targaryens showed that they were masters of the Filipino-patented sport as they fought for the top spot in the Sepak Takraw event.

For the Badminton singles, the Stag and the Direwolf finished strong in the top spot for boys and girls category, respectively, while for the doubles event, Targaryen and Stark won first place.

In table tennis, the Lions and the Stags outplayed their opponents for the gold medal in boys and girls category, respectively, for both the singles and doubles events.

For Chess, Baratheon and Targaryen relied on their patience and strategy to take down their opponents' kings and bring home the gold medal for the boys and girls category, respectively.

Along other different special awards, players who were awarded the Most Valuable Player (MVP) award in their respective competitions are as follows: Paul Bryan Hermoso for Basketball, Mark RenielAmarila and Ruby Rose Lopez for Softball, Jaylard Taruc and Aljelica Aguilar for Volleyball and Renz Dela Cruz for Sepak Takraw.

Another program was held on the night of October 11 for the Dance sport and Vocals competitions.

For the Modern Standard, the Stag and Doe danced their way into first place while for the Latin America, the couple of Targaryen moved harmoniously with the music to secure the gold medal.

In the Vocals Competition, Lannister and Baratheon won the top spot for the Solo and Duet categories, respectively.

The one-week event was organized and facilitated by the Senior High School Sports Club Officers led by their president, Mr. Ashley Princillo along with their moderator, Mrs. Gemma V. Santiago.

-Dann Ysrael D. Crobalde